ELITAS has actively been in signage business since 1995. Started with printing business and production of single signs, ELITAS is growing up and becoming a company capable to meet the strict requirements of the modern visual communications and to improve them. How do we work today? What is our work based on and what does our offer include?

Since then up-to-date, ELITAS business is primarily based on long-term business relationships with our clients for mutual satisfaction. We are completely focused to fulfil our clients' demands, what we manage to achieve by our professional and responsible approach toward all the participants in our projects as well as by satisfaction of our employees who are multi-disciplinary, highly qualified staff, ready to respond to any new challenge. Socially responsible business policy that ELITAS leads is also one of the key points in our business.

Why our clients let us do complete signage projects for them? Thanks to years of experience, ELITAS provides complete service to its clients based on the system ”turnkey”. Complete service includes planning and designing, obtaining consents and permissions, production, installation, preliminar and final building-craft works, maintenance and reparation of visual communication elements. We provide reliable support to our clients in building-up their image through visual communication. We see that as a good way to gain better business results for the both sides, what makes WIN-WIN situation.

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ELITAS Development

Company's development is based on long-term and socially responsible business policy, on innovativeness in each aspect of our business, on new technologies application and expansion of business activities also to foreign markets.

The main goal of our innovation policy is to ensure continued development of our business in general as well as improvement of our products and services, what we provide through the processes of control, staff training and management actions. Integrated Management System (IMS) that we apply has been set complaying with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001, certified by the international Accreditation Body. Currently our IMS consists of Quality Management System (QMS), Environmental Management System (EMS) and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS).To download our certificates turn to page Quality/Certificates.

Committed to implementing sustainable business policy, Elitas develops and improve long-term business relations based on mutual comprehension, trust, stability and satisfaction of all the participants. This is all applicable for the external aspect (with suppliers, clients and all the other business partners) and internal (with our employees).

An important aspect of our development is also increasing export volume. Currently, we have our network of partner companies in Europe and we actively work to expand it purposely to provide complete technical and logistic support to the foreign clients who import our products. Some of our sources for getting up-to-date with global trends in our industry are years of membership in ISA (International Sign Association), purchasing professional literature, visiting important specialized fairs and exhibitions.

Collaborating companies network

Energy efficiency is also an important aspect of our development, which we apply to our products.

Our clients get advantages from the new technologies by cooperating with us.


ELITAS Mission

Our mission is to satisfy all the needs and requirements of our clients in the field of visual communications, thereby supporting to their reputation and expansion.

By our specific, original and modern solutions, our clients’ consumers get a clear messages about your market position and advantages they can get from you.

ELITAS provides reliable support for you by completing agreed project terms on maximum level, specially terms of quality and deadlines. Our basic principle for getting to the good result is to combine your requirements with our knowledge and experience.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral element of our general business policy as well as a part of our ELITAS IMS Policy. Firstly, it is based on our awareness of achieving long-term success that it is being provided through comprehensive care about ourselves and the whole environment by our direct and indirect impact. Hereof, we keep on creating and applying new solutions that contribute to general satisfaction.

In addition to the consistent implementation of the legal provisions and procedures, some of our models which have become part of our work and which we constantly improve consist of solutions and activities focused on our employees and society, like:

-Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS), certified incompliance with the international standard OHSAS 18001
-Financial incentives for the third child
-Optimally arranged workspace in accordance to KAIZEN „5S“ model, adjusted to enable our employees to meet the objective of effectiveness and efficiency
-Environmental Management System (EMS), certified incompliance with the international standard ISO 14001
-Constant work on increasing the volume of exports contributes to the economic interest of the State
-Obligation to apply internal Code of Conduct by which relationship among employees, relationship of employees toward suppliers, contractors and other business partners are regulated and controlled. 
-Participating in humanitarian activities and donations
And many others.


9 arguments to select ELITAS for your business partner

ELITAS offers to its' clients and other business partners the following benefits they could take from cooperation:

  • Complete service by the system ”turnkey” (design, permissions, production, installation, preliminar and final building-craft works, maintenance and service)
  • Top quality raw materials, processes and design solutions (visually, structurally optimal and serviceable)
  • Meeting agreed deadlines (our own recourses: completed production line, qualified staff, own stock of raw materials)
  • Wide product range and production by demand
  • Guarantee on products and services, including minimum response time to a claim
  • Complete logistic support in the country and region
  • Innovative design solutions (the development team of engineers occupied with following and implementation of new technologies)
  • 23 years of experience and tradition on performing complex and reference projects in the field of visual communications
  • Extra benefits for the long-term contracts

Our experience, creativity and enthusiasm we turn from day to day into solutions, which help our clients to build their image and achieve their goals.


ELITAS production programme

ELITAS production programme has been created to comply with requirements of the clients in a way to meet their needs for visual communications and to support creating and keeping a good image through visual communications. Some of our products are as follows:

All types of signs - lighting signs with LED, neon or fluorescent lighting in various shapes, like light box, channel letters and logos then unique shaped signs, pillar signs, non-lighting signs…

Information signs - totems with electronic displays inside, LED displays, weather stations with GPS accuracy (date, 100% accurate time, temperature, humidity, wind direction and speed...), traffic signs, guide signs, registration and information boards and plates, outside and inside signage elements (parking space, objects inside content, floor signage, office signage...).

Signage elements - products made of composite materials, inox, aluminium, acrylic glass and other materials (holders, shelves, info desks, decorative coating of various constructions...) and

Digital signage - Digital signage is a sub-segment of electronic signage. Digital displays use technologies like: Full Colour LED Displays and LCD to display digital images, video, web pages, weather data, restaurant menus or text.

Urban furniture – serves the functional and aesthetic equipping of populated areas. These can be elements of a city infrastructure with features useful for passers-by (wi-fi signal, mobile charging, protection from the elements, local information, illumination, etc.), and security features (video surveillance, panic buttons, anti-vandal systems, sensors, etc.) and commercial (signage displays).


Why sign = image?

Your sign creates the first impression about you, your business, reliability, level of quality.

Imagine what you first think about the company, which has dysfunctional or semi-functional sign, inconsistently illuminated, and faded, with hanging parts, foil, cables... On the other hand, what do we think about company with a functional but inadequately performed sign, with visible connections, illumination lamps, which is extremely simple and plain or the company that has a network of branches and different sing on each branch...? As opposed to this, high quality and creative sign makes you visible, recognizable, sets you apart from your competitors, and puts you in a better negotiating position. This is why your sign is one of the most important elements of your image. This is why ELITAS, with its experience, long-term business policy and complete service by the system ”turnkey” is your business partner which will provide you maximal support in building and preserving your image and bringing clients to you. Let’s set standards together!

Our offer is presented on the pages: Signage, Products and Services


Our quality is your competitive advantage

Imperative of our business is quality!

The most important for our clients are quality of the raw materials, production and professional attitude toward all the participant in our business. In 2011. we implemented Quality management System in compliance to international standard ISO 9001:2008 in order to provide constancy and improving of the quality level. Beside years of tradition and experience, this certification by international Accreditation Body is an additional guarantee of quality. ELITAS delivers top quality products that has a strong impact to our clients' image and their signage elements' maintenance cost reduction, by visually appealing, modern and servicabile designs and by implementing top quality raw materials, quality processing and finishing.


Policy of quality - Instructions can be downloaded in pdf format via the link



Who our clients are?

Dominant groups of clients in our portfolio are retail chains, chains of business and commercial facilities, companies that advertise and mark themselves through roof signs or other big size signs, shopping malls, building contractor companies, marketing agencies, representatives and many others.

Some of them are petrol stations’ chains (in Serbia NIS/Gazprom 19 years long cooperation, Lukoil, then out of Serbia Nestro Petrol in Bosnia and Herzegovina, AP Petrol (Zaton) in Montenegro etc), retail chains (MAXI, miniMAXI, TEMPO, Mercator S, IDEA, SuperVERO...), bank branches chains (Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank, AIK banka, SBER banka, KBM banka...), shopping malls (UŠĆE, Delta City, Stadion) and other chains of business and commercial facilities, high class hotels (Four Seasons in Moscow (Russia), Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn Express, Merriott in Belgrade, Regent in Portomontenegro Resort in Tivat, Tre Canne in Budva) and many clients that we realized smaller volume projects for.

We offer extra benefits to marketing agencies and other agencies and representatives and we are open to establish new partnerships with companies from our sector purposely to join our forces and perform bigger volume local and international projects together.



Call us and you will get a prompt response!

Our sales and engineering teams are consisted of designers, architects, civil, mechanical and electronical engineers who are going to analyse your requirements and needs for visual communications and propose optimal solution that includes the most effective signage and also adjusted to your business and reputation and technically quality.

Contact us via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., phone: +381(11)314-90-71, 316-90-60 or fax +381(11)314-91-27



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