Banks and operators branches signage

Banks and operators usually have Industry standards books that strictly define their visual identity.

Standard signage elements are usually fascia, facade signs, channel letters and logos, console light boxes or ATM signs, lighting signs, interior lighting displays, lateral signs, pylons, advertising brochures holders, promoting displays.


AIK Bank:

Facade lighting signs for over 100 branches in Serbia.


Hypo Bank:

Lighting signs for branches in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia.


KBM Bank:


My Trendy Phone:


ProCredit bank:

Lighting signs and totems for several branches.



Lighting signs for all branches in Serbia.



Facade lighting signs for over 100 branches in Serbia.


Poštanska štedionica:

Roof sign for Head office in Belgrade and lighting signs for more branches in Serbia.


Nova banka:

Complete outdoor and indoor signage of the Head office in Bijeljina, BiH (design, production and installation).


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