Brending/Hotels' signage

Hotels are kind of objects that usually have Industry standard books that strictly define their visual identity. Besides, there are often some additional and special requests regarding hotels' signage.

Standard signage elements are mostly information signs, like: guide signs, room numbers, various signs, directionals and also some specific interior signage elements, like: mini pylons, reception signage elements, promotional material holders, etc. Outdoor signage usually includes: lighting roof and façade signs, entrance signage, totems, parking signage, guide signs, etc

Crowne Plaza - Belgrade:

Roof sign and indoor signage


Four Seasons – Moscow (in ccoperation with the marketing agency Reklama-Import):

Indoor signage


Holiday Inn Express – Belgrade:

Roof sign, facade signs, indoor signage

Marriott Belgrade:


Nevski – Belgrade:

Outdoor sign


Regent Portomontenegro – Tivat (in cooperation with the marketing agency Unibrand):

Outdoor and indoor signage

Stara Planina:


Tre Canne – Budva:

Roof sign


Hotel Park – Belgrade:

Facade sign.



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