ELITAS, with its competent staff and adequate equipment, offers services of interior design by producing and installing decorative information elements and performing accompanying building-craft works on site.



The purpose of those signs is interior signage. Some types are guide signs, signs showing some numeric data (number of free parking places, number of days remaining until the end of some project performance, etc.). Those signs could be lighting or not and could include some special effects. Creating these signs involves a criteria to keep general purpose of object, but to be enough visible and readable and to contribute to visual perception of the space, if possible.

1.1 Nonlighting signs

It is specially important with design and production of those signs to make appropriate selection of materials and production technologies in a way not to interfere functionality and general visualization and to keep the same appearance as long as possible, even if the maintenance is not provided on a required level.

1.2 Lighting signs

Light source are usually LEDs and sometimes fluorescent lamps or high-voltage (HV) tubes. Various lighting effects are also included in our offer.



Those are interior elements that contribute to general visual perception of the space, usually proposed to show various information. Not infrequently, those signs are included in general architectural plans.



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