In addition to the standard service range based on the „turnkey” system, ELITAS offers services as follows separately as well:


Graphic design

In order to attract targeted clients, you need to provide attractive image through your signage, adjusted to the type of your business activity!

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Professionally designed construction provides quality solution at a minimum price, servicabile product and aesthetically performed to match required design! Full project, verified by licensed engineers is necessary for obtaining permission!

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It is required by legal legislations to obtain permission for each sign installation. Long-lasting, demanding, not infrequently extensive administrative procedures are not an obstacle anymore as we can do it!

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Production and installation

Quality of raw materails and process, transport to the site and installation in any place we provide from own recourses and when needed with technical and logistic support of our collaborators out of Serbia!

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Building-craft works

Preliminar and final building works, craft and aesthetic ones, are necessary for completing some projects! Anchor, steel holding construction, overlaying and objects renovation are also services that we offer!

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Maintenance and repair

Proper work and tidy appearance of signs is a matter of image and a matter of lega legistations requirements!

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