Complete outdoor and indoor signage

Complete signage includes signs and informative elements on approaches, surrounding area and supporting outbuildings and exterior & interior signage of the facility itself.

We have a thorough approach to petrol stations and other types of objects signage, where the sign is not just mark, but also a guide sign that brings clients. When clients call, we gather expert team consisted of Sales Manager who manages the project on behalf of ELITAS and who responds to the client, then Project Manager from Engineering Department and if necessary design engineer and/or other profession project manager if there are performed some other works on the location, too (construct works, mechanical, electro). They come to the location to survey. Survey includes insight into the surrounding of the building, locating the best positions to place signs, capturing and measuring. Afterwards, sales manager and designer create proposal of visual appearance in collaboration with design engineer who provides guidance, thereby integrating client initial wishes, requirements and needs, the most attractive visual appearance (adjusted to clients type of business and its targets), feasibility and provided budget (if data is available). Visual appearance proposal complies with client and then follow pre-plan creation and finally financial offer. After financial offer acceptance and meeting initial requirements by client for running realization, we create major project, initiate process of providing permissions, and prepare conditions for running production and plan transport and installation. The day of completing installation, we meet the client on the location to confirm whether they are satisfied with products and services performed and that is acceptance when warranty period starts.

We could do all this in many variations, depending on the object position, client current image and the one that client want to create, budget volume, etc. Sometimes, it is difficult to fit technical requirements into low budget and meet client technical requests and ELITAS own quality standards we never deviate from, at the same time, but we manage that challenges as optimization in designing, production and installation is a part of our standard operating procedures. Quality of the raw materials and technology process is never a matter of consideration; our optimization does not include implementation of lower-quality raw materials and components. We solve this in a way to find compromise with a client how to simplify project (save on construction, quantity and technology process). Complying requirements and possibilities at the same time usually is not so easy to do but good communication between us and our clients and trust shown by entering the contract or built during long-term cooperation make base for successful project realization on mutual satisfaction.






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